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writingUpdate: Upon taking the position of Editor-at-Large at Digitally Downloaded, my workload has increased quite a bit and I’ve decided that I would move away from the One a Day Project. I’ll still be contributing crazed/opinionated work to my blog when I get the chance (or feel the need), but I’m going to rework these post into a new section that I’m calling “Daily Leftovers.” Hope you enjoy!

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So, what’s #oneaday you ask? Well, it’s a project that officially started in January of 2011, but actually originated with a handful of bloggers in 2010. Several writers with a passion for writing made an oath to themselves to write something every single day for an entire year — hence the title, “The One a Day Project.” Doesn’t matter what it is though, but from the bits I’ve been exposed to, it’s usually something they’ve already enjoyed and been involved with on a daily basis (e.g. video games, books, movies, etc.).

I recently stumbled upon a One a Day blogger, Pete Davidson, and his fantastic #oneaday blog. As a writer myself, I’m always pushing myself to write better in my reviews and features for Push Square and Nintendo Life, and decided that this is just the sort of crazy task that I want to push myself to endure, and most importantly enjoy.

Um… dude? Don’t you realize that’s every day for a whole year? That’s, like, a whole lot of work isn’t it?

Well yeah, it is. But, it’ll make me a better writer, and hopefully you guys — my readers, not my whacked evil conscious that keeps bursting into my articles — will find something to enjoy. I’ll be writing daily reviews and opinion pieces about the games I’m enjoying, as well as all sorts of other things. Heck, I might even pitch out a few of my book ideas, and see if they stick. Who knows?

Well, I kind of do, because, well, I am… uh, a part of you.

Anyways, I hope you guys/gals enjoy this long trip as much as I’m going to. Today is May 26, 2012, and tomorrow is the last day of my 20’s. Tomorrow I mourn the ‘young and free’ era in my life coming to a close, and as I start the new decade of my 30’s, I’ll begin bringing you along with me with daily #oneaday blog post. Enjoy!

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Update: Because of my time restrictions that I have in this little thing called life, my One a Day writings will be done on the days that I’m not writing articles for the sites I publish on. While I know you guys/gals would love to see blog post everyday, I’ve got other priorities. I’m still writing everyday and that was the reason I started this project in the first place. Cheers!


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