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Review – Lumena: A No-Nonsense Rhythm Game (iPhone)

If Terry Cavanagh’s retro rhythm game Super Hexagon was a NES title, Lumena: A No-Nonsense Rhythm Game would be its Game Boy Color younger sibling.

Fans of electronica music and brutal difficulty levels take note, Elevate Entertainment will likely be the next developer to send iPhones flying through the air in frustration, only to find them picked right back up for another go (assuming they still work, of course).

The subtitle says it all, really; “A No-Nonsense Rhythm Game” is exactly what Lumena truly is, and that’s not a bad thing at all. A static screen brings the play field to life with two neon coloured circles – the smaller of which being found in the centre of the larger one. The outer circle has eight parts which pulse and spin to the beats of the electronica soundtrack, and flicking the centre circle, or disc, into the a matching coloured side of the outer circle keeps the game in motion. Fail to flick the disc longer than four seconds or into a matching coloured side of the outer circle and it’s game over. Simple and effective. [Review Score: 4/5 Stars]

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Review: HarmoKnight (3DS)


Game Freak has stepped outside of its massively popular Pokémon series and brought the unique rhythm platformer HarmoKnight to the 3DS eShop.

In our original HarmoKnight review our Editor-in-Chief, Matt Sainsbury, found quite a few things that he liked about the game, but ultimately felt that it was unworthy of the greatness that is expected from Game Freak. In this second opinion review, I wanted to offer another perspective of this unique title to our readers, because while I share many of the same issues with the tile, HarmoKnight’s charm has me excited to see what Game Freak will come up with next. [Review Score: 4/5]

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