Preview: Wrack (PC)


People that grew up in the late ’80s and early ’90s undoubtedly have fond memories of arcade-style FPS corridor shooters. Wolfenstein and Doom were all the rage (no pun intended) and for good reason; the pure fast-paced nature of these games is, simply put, a lot of fun. Indie developer Final Boss Entertainment’s Wrack reanimates the old-school corridor shooter once again in a fantastic cel-shaded style. Fans both new and old alike should indeed be looking forward to this one.

The speed of the game play in Wrack is instantly captivating. Swiftly running and gunning through the corridors might bring back a bit of nostalgia for some, but it feels great still today. In a more modern touch, putting down baddies finds kill count combos quickly becoming commonplace, significantly increasing the level score with intentional combo chains.


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Preview: Altitude0: Lower and Faster (PC)


Nearly two years ago, when Steam Greenlight was in its infancy, several of our team pitched our most anticipated titles that we wanted to see receive the elusive ‘green light’. One of my two picks was Altitude0: Lower and Faster. This air plane racing title looked to be right up this wannabe pilot’s alley.

In those early chaotic days of Steam Greenlight, the duo indie team of Gugila made the executive decision to remove the game from the service and has spent the past two years hard at work bringing the game to life. Today, it’s now available in beta access on Desura and has finally been greenlit on Steam, bringing the beta action onto that platform later this year. We’ve gotten the chance to strap in and take to the skies of Altitude0 and I can honestly say that the long wait was definitely worth it.


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Preview: Ray’s the Dead (PC)

Quick note to my readers on this blog: This game comes from the same team, Ragtag Studios, that developed Unstoppable Fist, which is one of the few reviews that I’ve published here on my personal blog and not on another website. Also note that this game’s Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled – for a very good reason – that will be revealed in just a few short days from now. 

It wasn’t too long ago that I had a quick Twitter conversation with a then brand new start-up Indie studio, Ragtag Studios, letting me know about its iOS title, Unstoppable Fist. This simple mobile title not only packed a big punch, but it packed a lot of retro style and character right along with its flying fist. I thought to myself ‘this new studio was one to keep an eye on going forward’; especially considering the team was comprised of people who had worked on Stubbs the Zombie, Thief 3, Halo Wars and Stuntman: Ignition. Fast forward to today and Ragtag Studios has put down its flying fist (and feet) for a while and came out limping with its Pikmin and Stubbs the Zombie inspired new title, Ray’s the Dead. Oh, and that bit about “limping,” don’t worry that – it’s all part of the plan.

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It was only a few months back when we reviewed Super TinyLeap. Published by The Game Atelier, who is well known for its vibrant titles Flying Hamster and SunFlowers, it showed that the team was taking up the publishing reigns to bring smaller indie developers’ titles to the gaming market for us to enjoy. They’re back at it once again with not one, but two iOS titles coming our way and here at Digitally Downloaded, you’re getting one of the first looks at these two exciting games that we will be playing sometimes this year.

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