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Preview: Altitude0: Lower and Faster (PC)


Nearly two years ago, when Steam Greenlight was in its infancy, several of our team pitched our most anticipated titles that we wanted to see receive the elusive ‘green light’. One of my two picks was Altitude0: Lower and Faster. This air plane racing title looked to be right up this wannabe pilot’s alley.

In those early chaotic days of Steam Greenlight, the duo indie team of Gugila made the executive decision to remove the game from the service and has spent the past two years hard at work bringing the game to life. Today, it’s now available in beta access on Desura and has finally been greenlit on Steam, bringing the beta action onto that platform later this year. We’ve gotten the chance to strap in and take to the skies of Altitude0 and I can honestly say that the long wait was definitely worth it.


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Review: Skydive: Proximity Flight (PS3)

Do you remember that your PlayStation 3 controller features Sixaxis motion controls? I thought about as much; thoughts of Lair still send shivers down my spine to this very day and I’m glad that most developers ignored the Sixaxis controls thereafter.

Gaijin Games’ Skydive: Proximity Flight laughs in the face of those awkwardly flying dragons because it knows something that those scaly monsters don’t: wingsuits are much better for flying with Sixaxis controls. Base jumping might not be a mainstream sport, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good fun when put into digital form. Jumping off a clifftop and falling with style in close proximity of cliff faces and rock outcroppings might be something of a nightmare for most people, yet for a few extreme sports enthusiast, it’s a good fun, even if the risk of going splat is very real. Take away the risk of life and limb and the sensation of free flight in a virtual environment might not offer up the intense adrenaline rush as a real jump might, but it does still offer a unique and fun gameplay experience that’s worthy of taking a dive into. [Review Score: 3.5/5]

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