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Review: Transistor (PC)

There’s a certain eloquence that hinges on Shakespearean tragedy intricately seamed into the fabric of Supergiant Games’ Transistor. The talented minds behind the critically acclaimed and wonderfully crafted Bastion have moulded together another beautiful world in a signature digital oil painting aesthetic.

What happens when a world goes cold? Dark, yet alluring, the utopian world of Cloudbank is intricately brushed to life with futuristic neon hazes and an opulent touch of Gothic architecture. In its opening moment, we find an oil painting depicting a beautiful woman with flowing red hair and pale skin, looking away from a man sitting in shadows with a futuristic computer chip-like great sword protruding from his chest. There’s no blood, instead there’s almost a sense of tranquility through the sorrow. Accented by the incredible lighting effects reflecting off her luxurious attire makes her seem, well… famous, possibly. [Review Score: 5/5 Stars]

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Review: Shelter (PC)

When developer Might and Delight decided it wanted to do something different coming off its successful release of the demanding platformer that is Pid, it wasn’t joking. With the gaming industry so overly saturated with shooters and retro, well, everything (including shooters), – where does an indie developer turn to offer fresh new gameplay concepts and experiences?

By thinking far outside the box, Might and Delight’s emotional new title Shelter offers gamers the chance to take on the role of a vulnerable mother badger whom is being forced out of her nest and into the wilds of nature. It’s a game that channels classic literature like Watership Down, and through it we are encouraged to think on issues such as environmentalism and sustainability. [Review Score: 4.5/5]

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