Tutorial: Modifying the Run Command for Quick Access in Linux Kubuntu


The thing that I love about Linux is the Run Command. This accessible shortcut changes the way that I use my laptop drastically from the standard Window’s interface, and tends to have that “Wow!” factor when people see me accessing my programs without touching an icon at such quick pacing. Ubuntu 13:10 (and Kubuntu, for that matter) now allows you to install things like Gmail, Facebook and an assortment of other applications, so you can now access your Run Command and jump straight into Facebook – through your Firefox browser – in seconds!

It’s a bit tricky to find the right place to remap the shortcut for Run Command if you’re unsure of its location, so I’ve decided to write-up this detailed little instructional to alleviate this small predicament. So, let’s get this show started – shall we?

Note: Run Command is accessible in all of the modern Linux distros, so this isn’t singly limited to Kubuntu.

1.) First, head into your System Settings.



2.) Once you’ve opened the System Settings menu, you’ll next want to locate and access the Shortcuts and Gestures icon.



3.) Once inside, you’ll notice the three separate tabs on the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll want to click on Global Keyboard Shortcuts icon.



4.) Okay, this is where it’s easy to overlook the Run Command interface, if you don’t know where to look. Towards the top of the screen, there’s a line for “KDE Component,” which is right above the Search bar. Click this to access the drop-down tab and click on “Run Command Interface.”



5.) This brings up the entire Run Command interface, for you to customize to your liking.


6.) We want to modify the shortcut for Run Command only, so locate the option that states “Run Command”.



7.) This opens the Run Command for customization. Select “Custom”, followed by the rectangular tab with the wrench, that’s found just to the right of it, of which also states: “None”.



8.) Clicking “None” will change it to “Input”, at which point we’ll want to press the Meta key, followed by the Space Bar.



Note: The Meta key is the “Windows” key, which should be located just to the left of the Left Alt key on your keyboard. I find this set-up to be an extremely fast and natural way to access my Run Command.


9.) Click the Apply button in the bottom right of the window to save your changes if needed.



10.) That’s it! To start using your Run Command interface, simply hold the Meta Key followed by the Space Bar and you see it drop down from the top of the screen.



11.) Type a few letters of the program or application that you want to access, and the Run Command will locate it for quick access, which you only need to press the “Enter” key to do so once it’s the top item in the drop-down tab below it.


12.) Enjoy!


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