Review: Surge Deluxe (Vita)

PlayStation Vita Review

Step into a game shop and take a quick comparison between the 3DS and Vita games line-up and it’s quickly clear why it is hard to put the 3DS down these days. On the other hand, where the Vita lacks the incredible first party support that the 3DS receives from Nintendo, the Vita’s indie support just keeps on coming. Being an avid fan of indie games, titles like FuturLab’s electric puzzling title Surge Deluxe ensure that I only swap my portable consoles when a battery needs charging.

Surge Deluxe isn’t exactly a brand new title to the Vita, as a similar version of the game previously released on the PS Mobile service. That doesn’t mean that this release should zap past you though. Surge Deluxe is refined, improved and as addictive as ever, and trophy support will keep those “hunters” busy too. [Review Score: 4/5 Stars]

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