Life is filled with laughter: The true story of the screwy screw

sm_screw_1gIt’s the little things in life that can be so funny sometimes. After our Sunday worship service at our church, Kimberly and I stayed after to prep the stage and sound system for a Saturday service that we are performing a song for: she handles the vocals and I play guitar. As usual with these things, it took a while to get things set to our desires, but overall it was an enjoyable time running through the song a few times in this quick practice session.

Getting things packed up to head to lunch a lady in our church that had listened to our quick practice session asked me if I would move one of the microphone placements on the stage. I obliged and as I got started, Kimberly noticed that a light in the stairwell going to the choir loft had blown out. In her usual good stewardship self, she found a few light bulbs and a ladder, and took it upon herself to rectify the faulty bulbs.

While still busy with the sound system, I heard Kimberly saying something about not being able to get the cover off so that she could change out the bulbs. In typical husband style, I couldn’t help but to laugh a little on the inside. Why are we husbands so cynical sometimes? I couldn’t help feeling ashamed of this instantaneous reaction.

I was nearly finished with my current task and I knew that I’d be able to assist in a few short minutes. Surprisingly, my stomach churned as I drove the last screw into place, ensuring that the microphone would stay on the podium properly. Remembering that I also needed to help Kimberly with the light, I quickly got the microphones plugged in and headed over to the dark stairwell where my next task awaited my arrival – lunch was calling my name.

“I’m not sure why I can’t get it off,” said Kimberly with a tone of frustration in her voice. “It’s got one screw that I can see and I loosened it up but it can’t get it out,” she said, the frustration becoming more apparent.

I felt the smirk quickly making its way across my face. Women. They are always right, but never wrong – how can us men not love them? Glancing at my beautiful wife, her face had ‘it isn’t my fault’  written all over it clear as day. I couldn’t help finding this expression of hers entirely too cute and I felt my smirk shift into a smile as a wave of warmth passed through my chest; I dearly love my wife.

I made my way up the ladder in the dark stairwell. With a quick search of my pocket, I pulled out my iPhone 5, quickly tapped in my security code and slid my thumb up from the bottom of my screen to pull up its Control Panel. Tapping the digital flash light button the dark stairwell illuminated with brilliant LED light. iOS 7 still to this day proves itself to be a brilliance is design and accessibility. Turning the near blinding LED light of my iPhone to the bowl of the blown light, I found the screwy screw. The laughter started in my stomach where lunch desired to find itself, ran faster than our puppy Alice can bolt out of a just opened door up my chest, but somehow I caught it before it left my mouth, for some reason or the other – guilt from my earlier cynicism, I guess.

The screwy screw wasn’t a screw at all. No, in the blinding LED light, it was clearly not even close. The screwy screw was in fact, a push button.

With the bowl of the light dropped down, I hurriedly changed out the blown bulbs and pushed the lid back into place. Kimberly flipped the light switch and the new bulbs illuminated the stairwell, yet not nearly as brilliantly as the tiny LED on my iPhone, as I folded up the ladder so that we could find our way to a warm meal.

“Well, at least I loosened it up a bit for you,” erupted from Kimberly sarcastically.  

Yes, babe, at least you loosed up that push button for me. 

I dearly love my wife.

Life is filled with laughter. It’s one of the best parts of living, in my opinion.


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