Review: Skydive: Proximity Flight (PS3)

Do you remember that your PlayStation 3 controller features Sixaxis motion controls? I thought about as much; thoughts of Lair still send shivers down my spine to this very day and I’m glad that most developers ignored the Sixaxis controls thereafter.

Gaijin Games’ Skydive: Proximity Flight laughs in the face of those awkwardly flying dragons because it knows something that those scaly monsters don’t: wingsuits are much better for flying with Sixaxis controls. Base jumping might not be a mainstream sport, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good fun when put into digital form. Jumping off a clifftop and falling with style in close proximity of cliff faces and rock outcroppings might be something of a nightmare for most people, yet for a few extreme sports enthusiast, it’s a good fun, even if the risk of going splat is very real. Take away the risk of life and limb and the sensation of free flight in a virtual environment might not offer up the intense adrenaline rush as a real jump might, but it does still offer a unique and fun gameplay experience that’s worthy of taking a dive into. [Review Score: 3.5/5]

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