Review: Drift Mania: Street Outlaws (iPhone)

The drift scene can be a thing of beauty: powerful import tuners and muscle cars using their immense power to lock into high speed drifts, leaving waves of smoke and burnt rubber in their wake. The Drift Mania series has attempted to bring this high speed action to mobile devices and gained a substantial following in the process. Now that Real Racing 3, 2K Drive and Colin McRae Rally are on the scene, is Drift Mania: Street Outlaws still in contention or is it in a league of its own?

Street Outlaws is a game that’s focused on one primary thing: drifting. As to be expected, it has this gameplay mechanic locked down, for the most part. Using the default tilt controls, speeding down these curvy roads and locking into drift is as easy as bumping the on-screen handbrake and smoothly tilting your iPhone. It’s not something you’ll grasp on the first corner, but after a few minutes you’ll be drifting corners at speed with relative ease. [Review Score: 3/5 Stars]

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