Review: Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut (3DS)

The Crazy Chicken franchise has been a runaway success for developer Teyon on mobile platforms and understandably so: its simple pick-up and play nature is perfectly fitting for gaming on the go. Yet, this whimsical series has flapped its way onto Nintendo’s 3DS eShop and DSiWare services before and its set its scenes back in action once again with Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D.

Stripping Crazy Chicken’s gameplay down to its bare bones will find that it’s little more than a repetitive gallery shooter. Using the stylus on the lower touch screen to maneuver a firing reticule on the 3D display screen of the 3DS, you’ll try to make each and every shot count as you rack up the preset quota for each bird type to complete the wave. Remaining bullets carry over to the next set piece in the scene, where a new quota appears and the process continues until you run out of ammo. It’s simple, repetitive and if left on its own, it would lead to a direct path of boredom pretty quickly. [Review Score: 3/5 Stars]

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