Review: Colin McRae Rally (iOS)

While we’re still ripping up the tracks in GRID 2 on our consoles, Codemasters has surprisingly brought the much beloved Colin McRae series back to drift all over our iOS devices. Built upon the Colin McRae Rally 2.0 version that was found on the original PlayStation, this upgraded version of the title brings the tight controls and rally racing roots that made the series great back in true form.

While Codemasters’ current core racing series, GRID and Dirt, offer a wide variety of racing styles and classes, the old school roots of the series focused on pure point-to-point races, which is when rally racing is truly at its best. Screaming down the treacherous tracks in complete reliance on your co-driver’s instructions to keep you from smashing into a tree/ rock while pushing your rally car flat out is exhilarating and the series has always gotten this basic formula down just right. [Review Score: 4/5 Stars]

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