Review: Batman: Arkham Origins (iPhone)

With the console release of Batman: Arkham Origins just behind us, I stumbled across the iOS version of the title, noticed that it was a free download and decided to give it a go. Without any knowledge of the game prior to the download, I went into the title, well, blind as a bat to what I’d be doing. Once the darkness lifted, I’ve found that I’m enjoying myself quite a bit with this mobile title.

If you’re looking for a full on Arkham Origins game, you should stick to the console version of the title, but if a fun little pick-up-and-play title is okay with you, this could be a satisfying download. Stripping the title of its narrative to the bare bones, this mobile version sticks solely to the fighting. And even the fighting is stripped down to simply attacking and defending as well. But this works and it works quite well for a mobile experience. Let me explain further. [Review Score: 3/5 Stars]

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