Review: 2K Drive (iOS)

Early this year, Real Racing 3 turned the media’s attention to the racing genre on iOS devices, much like Mario Kart Wii’s plastic steering wheel peripheral did for the Wii. While Real Racing 3’s beautiful graphics and social integration kept us racing for 40+ hours here at the DDNet offices, its free-to-play model eventually found us growing frustrated and moving on to other titles. 2K Games clearly understands those frustrations and brings a more home console-styled gameplay experience with 2K Drive to our iOS devices, in the hopes of putting us right back into the driver’s seat once again.

While Real Racing 3’s focus was on a variety of street and drag races, 2K Drive doesn’t stop there: dirt tracks, salt flats and drift courses fill the event list, while mini game styled events like bowling and evading missile fire from a helicopter continually keep things interesting. Arising from the remnants of Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing), Lucid Games delivers a racing style that’s somewhat similar to its past, but with a lot more suspension physics this go around – finding a nice middle ground arcade/simulation mix to the racing that keeps the action challenging and fun.

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