Daily Leftovers: Political disappointment

I don’t typically get into conversations about politics. These conversations tend to get far too heated and our nation is so deeply divided that I’ve learned to view these conversations with my only my mind and my ears. Being one that doesn’t inscribe one political party or the other before my name, I take it all in and make decisions on a one-to-one basis, not party affiliation.

A recent discussion that came across my Facebook wall sparked some thought within the filling cabinet’s of my brain, and after doing so, it only revealed just how disappointed I am with this current administration. I’m not about to get into Syria, war, or the many other talking points that fill the news media outlets’ pages – my disappointments stem from another side of the spectrum: social.

Remember the night when President Obama won the election in 2008? How could any one forget that massive crowd: people crying, cheering and simply revelling in the moment that our nation has moved forward from the sins of its past. Electing a Black American president was a major milestone for our great nation, regardless of agendas, policies and/or party affiliation. This still today shows just how far our country has come since those many brave souls stood up for the rights of all the people of our nation so many years ago. It’s living proof that one of my most respected persons in our nation’s past life was not taken in vein: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

Our country has moved forward; this fact cannot be denied. 

Yet President Obama is not the president that the nation thought it elected. He isn’t the charming and charismatic people person that so many millions of Americans thought that he would be. Instead, he is a president that cares more for his party’s political gain (votes), policy and lawmaking. He isn’t the person that would unite the two vastly opposing forces of our nation’s political parties like some thought. Instead, he has only pushed them further apart with staunch bi-partisan political stances and executive orders. Sure, he’s tried on some accounts and met extreme opposition, but most of these times it’s often been clearly obvious that these matters are in fact ploys for the mainstream media’s attention, in the hopes of being able to deflect blame on the opposition – it’s worked too.

But most importantly, and the part that I’m truly disappointed in, is that he isn’t the president that is “changing” the people of our great nation for the better.  Instead of filtering money into our school systems to improve our failing schools, the administration decides to instead focus on the cafeteria food within the schools to combat childhood obesity – something I stand behind, but think is a small matter in comparison. Instead of flooding money into our nation’s poor, which is a proven way to create jobs in the past, this administration enjoys putting more people on welfare and even going so far as to make sure that the poor have high-end cellphones with the cellular bill covered by the nation’s taxpayers. I’ve spent significant time in urban areas and I can tell you that when the there housing is falling apart and the poor have little to no transportation means, not having a smartphone is the least of their worries – wouldn’t a cheap cellular phone be more appropriate too?

But what really disappoints me is this – President Obama is a man that gained one of the largest followings in our nation since the times of Segregation – what has he done with that? Not very much. He inspired so many millions of people, but he isn’t out there trying to inspire the poor to have the desire the better themselves for their future generations; he isn’t trying to inspire school age children to get as much education possible, so that our nation will be better for them doing so in the future; he isn’t inspiring our great nation to respect our peers and to strive to be the best we can be in our daily lives, which the fruit that plants the roots for any great nation to grow stronger. Instead, he’s played politics and deflected blame, which for me is not very inspirational. Sure, he’s said these things in past speeches, but simply stating something and being the strong exemplary role model for the nation with acts are two separate things entirely.

I’m very proud of our great nation’s progress, but I’m very disappointed with President Obama’s actions. He has the power to truly change not only the people of our nation for the better, but those across the entire world as well. Instead, he continues to prove himself as nothing more than a figurehead for the Progress Democratic Party and a staunch politician. It’s so terribly disappoint in my eyes.


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