Daily Leftovers: “Everything starts with one”

At the conclusion to the independent documentary, Bully, that I just watched its conclusion, it simply stated: “Everything starts with one”. This is significant. This is true and the sad part is that most people don’t even care.

What am I talking about though? Bullying? Yes and no. I’m talking about bullying; I’m speaking about society and I’m speaking to, well, people in general.

I don’t know if it was a concious decision, but in the past few years, I simply don’t watch typical television any more. Why? To put it plainly, I’m sick what fills the stations. Am I some religious zealot that shuns electronic devices – if you think that, trust me when I say that you don’t know me very well at all if so. 

Reality television doesn’t depict anything that even so much as an inkling of resemblance to real-life situations and if it isn’t overly sexualized, it is either violent and/or vulgar. The sad part is that these things can be found today in daytime television. Turn on the radio to the political stations that everyone adores so much and you will find that it’s hate that fills those airways, finding two opposing forces of peoples that number into the millions against each other.

Hate. Violence. Sex. Objectification. Sexism. Etcetera. These are the things that sell. These are the things that fill the minds of millions of consumers each and every day. And the world doesn’t understand why our societal problems are out of control.

I do watch television, but I find more interest in things that push me to think, instead of just pass the time. Things like Bully, which exposes how dark a child’s life can be in public schools today. Exposes the reality of why innocent children would go to such drastic measures as to taking their own lives to get away from the hell (their peers) they are forced to reside in. Exposes the fact that things have gotten so far out of control in many situations that they (schools) don’t even have the power to stop it if they wanted to do so.

Do you know what else Bully showed? It showed the parents of these deceased children reaching out and getting involved to save other children that could be on the brink of going to those very same drastic measures. Parents who understand that only love – yes, LOVE (respect, kindness, understanding, etc.) – is the answer. These parents are sharing their stories and it is working. Put yourself in another’s shoes. If you were a 12 year old bully and a group of parents came into your school and shared their child’s stories – would you continue to bully others knowing that it could actually push them to the brink of taking their own lives? But it isn’t just that, getting other children to just stop and say “hi” to others who seem to be alone most of the time could be the only thing needed for these children to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Everything starts with one.” I told you it was significant.


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