Review: Badland (iPad)

Two former RedLynx developers parted ways with the Trials series and formed a small independent studio, called Frogmind. The team’s first title, Badland, has landed on the iOS Marketplace, bringing top-notch visuals and the signature trial-and-error styled gameplay that we are so familiar with in RedLynx’s games.

Taking cues from the stark aesthetics found in other notorious indie titles like Limbo and NightSky, Badland’s visuals are a tour de force for what Retina-enabled visuals are capable of achieving; by that I mean this game is absolutely stunning to witness in action. By making perfect use of the parallax scrolling technique, the foreground holds the dark aesthetics similar to Limbo, but the background layers find enormously detailed fantasy environments; the contrast between the two layers is dark, bold and beautiful. It’s also pleasing to the auditory senses as well, making clever use of a wide assortment of ambient environmental noises – combining together to perfectly set the atmospheric, eerie mood of this unique title. [Review Score: 3.5/5]

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