Going after the casual gamers is all the Wii U needs

The storm of gloom has been really rolling in on the Nintendo front as of late. Anyone who even marginally pays attention to the daily games news has undoubtedly read that Nintendo won’t be holding a major press conference at this year’s E3, and many are interpreting that as a sign of weakness. Additionally, there are the persisitant rumours of more third party titles not releasing on the Wii U and that Wii U development kits are supposedly “collecting dust.”

There is rarely smoke without fire and so the great question is what has happened with the Wii U after its predecessor was oh-so-successful?

There’s no doubt that when Nintendo launched the Wii in 2006, figuratively speaking, it caught lightning in a bottle. The console exploded into the marketplace like few consoles have before (or after) it. If you look at the raw data, there’s always a short-lived high period, followed by a lull in sales once the wait for new titles begins. For the Wii, month after month after its release long lines were found in front of retailers, as patient consumers attempted to finally get their hands on this exciting new console. In fact, several holidays thereafter found the Wii’s shelving space in major retailers completely barren of hardware and some software, as the online prices skyrocketed upward. The chances of us ever seeing a dedicated gaming console being in this high of demand will likely never be seen again. But, why was the demand so high?

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