Feature: Some thoughts on… what else, the PS4


My thoughts on Sony’s conference are positive. I had no idea how advantageous the acquisition of Gaikai would be to the PS4, but as someone who doesn’t care much for ‘social’ gaming aspects, I’m intrigued to give the many unique features that will be available on the PS4 a try. Many complaints about the conference being “boring” scattered throughout the Twitter-sphere constantly during the conference, but I found Sony’s business-like approach to be interesting, professional and carefully calculated. Sony made it clear that it’s extremely powerful PS4 was developed by developers, for developers – an absolute plus for the upcoming console. As “gamers,” it’s easy to simply focus on the games throughout these showings, but this news was probably the most important of the entire conference, because it was blatantly clear that not only are developers already working on the console – they want to work on it. The PlayStation 4 will be supported by developers!

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(Layout and additional writing by Chalgyr Volkel)


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