Breaking the Wii U down; what each bit means

Want to know what the difference in a GPU and a GPGPU actually is? We’ve got just the information you need to gain a better understanding of what makes the Wii U tick, and bring it to you in such a way that makes it simple to understand by all.

In our recent article, Is the Wii U Powerful enough?, we took a deep look into the rumours surround the Wii U’s supposedly “slow” processor and found out that the ideaof the Wii U being a true “next generation” console from a power standpoint was loosely based on it having a tri-core IBM POWER7-based architecture, which it didn’t ship out with. We also explored the insight of a few respectable developers and based on the information we had acquired at the time, we came to the conclusion that the Wii U was likely to be on-par, to a little below the specifications of current generation consoles, but even today we still don’t have conclusive evidence to make an official claim to this.

Today, the arguments are still on-going and while for the majority of those enjoying their time with their shiny new Wii U units (we’re having a blast with ours) most likely could care less, we’re back again to discuss a new rumour and most importantly to give you the knowledge and understanding of what’s inside the Wii U and how these parts actually work – once you understand how it works, you’ll realise just how powerful it could actually be.
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