Round Table: Let’s Talk About Super Mario (Contribution)

Get a comfortable seat

We’ve already unveiled our favourite Super Mario games, but it’s a series with plenty of talking points. We’re in the middle of the busiest spell of new Super Mario games in the history of the franchise, with two ‘New Super Mario Bros.’ titles arriving this year, which will mean that three new entries will have arrived within a 12 month period — counting Super Mario 3D Land from Holiday 2011. It’s also a series with a truly impressive history, with some titles that have defined the platforming genre, in 2D and 3D, and delighted multiple generations of gamers.

Some of the Nintendo Life staff decided to get together and chew the fat on everything Super Mario. Joining features editor Thomas Whitehead are community administrator Desiree Turner, U.S. reviewers Christopher Ingram and Joe Walker, and contributer Gaz Plant. There was a lot to talk about, so grab a snack and find a comfortable chair.

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