#oneaday Day 14: Life and Sorrow

Yesterday I found out that a good college friend of mine pass on from this life. Sorrow was instantly felt within me from this shocking realization that she was gone from this world. How could this be?

But, it made me remember a conversation I had with a guy I met the other day at work. He spoke about his frustrations with “[most] everyone constantly worrying about the end of the world.” He went on to speak about flying in airplanes, and how it made him feel insignificant in this world. He even said that our cities/towns reminded him of “ant hills” – reinforcing his feeling of insignificance. Lastly, he made a statement that I’ll never forget, one that he brought forth with a direct question: “When does the world truly end?”

With all my faith and knowledge, I was nearly rendered speechless at this question. Here I stood in the shipyard, not feeling very well on this hot and humid summer morning, and I started stumbling upon my words – which actually isn’t uncommon, as I write much better than I can speak.  He then said something that I’ll carry forth the rest of my life: “The world ends, when you do.” It’s direct, it’s harsh, but it’s the truth. So many times I’ve thought and worried about the “end of the world.” I’ve heard it preached to repetition and while I do believe it’s real, what’s more real, is that so many worry so much about “the end of the world,” that they aren’t prepared for their own “end.”

Sadly, I had lost contact with Kandice over the years, but will always remember that she was the person who opened my eyes to see through the “lies” that people use as a veil to hide behind — only casting a shadow of their true selves unto others. She was a person who looked beyond the shadows, and loved people for who they truly are, and not what they wanted to be. The world has lost not only an eccentric personality, but a person who had the unique ability to see people for who they are. Even though I know she’s already got a legion of angels laughing in the clouds with her whimsical charm, she will be missed by the many she left ahead of.

Lastly, as I felt the sorrow course throughout my veins, the words “save sorrow for the souls in doubt” flooded my mind. The powerful words of Demon Hunter’s songs have a way of doing that to me, but this time, it just felt so right. No matter how much sorrow I might feel today, to “bleed every care out” and “save sorrow for the [other] souls in doubt.” This, I intend to do.


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  1. Sorry to hear about the lost of a college friend,but however your words on her behalf is well spoken.I’m truly proud and blessed to have a son like you…..Dad.

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