#oneaday Day 12: Server Maintenance is Beyond Frustrating

So the nice guys at Beatshapers sent me a code to download the PS Mini Wizorb today. I nearly bought this crazed RPG infused Arkanoid clone on Steam the other day for a little of nothing in their gigantic summer sale, but quickly realised that the game was coming to Sony’s digital store and decided it better to wait. So, it was for the best, because I got the game for review (free), or better yet, the download code, but of course as the title of this post obviously states – if you can read between the lines, that is – it didn’t exactly work out that way, because I can’t do anything with the code at this point in time.

Yes, Sony decided it best to do one of their routine server maintenances today. OK, I get it that they need to do this sort of thing, and I’m not one to really whine about it – or routine updates, for that matter – but, I was really looking forward to playing it today when I got home. So, here I am, whining about it on my blog for you all to enjoy. Enjoy? Yeah, I kind doubt it. Anyways, there’s nothing I can do about it but wait it out. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be playing Wizorb and it’ll all be forgotten.

On a brighter note, we got our Nintendo Life eShop Shelf back this week. If you’ve got a 3DS handy, download a game from it and show us some love. I also got a good hour or two with VVVVVVV and Super Meat Boy, so it wasn’t a terrible afternoon at all.


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