#oneaday Day 4: Simplicity

Before starting this piece, I’ve got to start off with giving you a little bit of back knowledge on myself.

                “You mean the part about you being a big and manly hardcore gamer?”

Yes. That’s actually kind of on the right lines. I grew up with an Atari 2600 paddlewheel in my hands and owned most every mainstream console and handheld released since then. I enjoy games that offer a stiff challenge and I probably do fall into the “hardcore” realm, but let’s not get into stereotypes.

I’m usually not a big fan of games with stripped down gameplay mechanics. I prefer games’ with depth, challenge, precise controls, etc., and I usually find little enjoyment in a game that’s sole method of control is a singular tap on a touchscreen. But thanks to the iOS market, I’ve found that there are a few exceptions, and one in particular has kept me quite entertained lately: Slingshot Racing.

Crescent Moon Games has crafted a terribly addictive little racing title that is so simplistic to control, yet incredibly hard to master. A self-propelled sled slides around icy, curvaceous tracks. Each corner has a post that once touched is grappled onto, quickly slinging the shed through the corner. Tap too quickly and find yourself dragged into the wall early. Tap too late and meet the opposite wall instead. Learning to time your taps and releases doesn’t take long, but once you start nailing consecutive corners and the speeds start increasing, the game becomes wildly addictive.

This isn’t the only game that offers an extremely simple control scheme that I enjoy. The simple tap control scheme here hides more depth than first meets the eye, and come highly recommended from myself. It’s cheap, pretty and loads of fun and you can buy it here.


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