#oneaday Day 1: Remembrance

Well today is the day. Yes, today I left the exciting period in my life that is, or better yet, was my 20’s. While in some ways it may seem that this is just another day in my life, it’s a day that has had me reflecting back on times of my past, and most importantly, count my blessings that I hold dear; of which there are many.

But, as today might be my 30th birthday, there’s another important matter that this May 28th, 2012 holds: Memorial Day. Today is a day that I think of the thousands of American soldiers that serve, and have given their lives so that I and my family can live in peace. While I don’t necessarily agree with the longevity of the war that we have been fighting for so long now, my thoughts and prayers for our troops have never ceased, and today is no different. I can only imagine the immensity of the suffering of the families’ of those who have lost loved ones, and I pray for their hearts mending, as well as for the safety of the many troops that are still fighting today.

So while today might be a day to reflect upon my past life, it’s also a day that I’m in constant remembrance of those that have given so much to allow me to be here today. I hope that you will do that same, regardless of which country you reside in.


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