Feature: Our Favourite E3 Memories – Part One (Contribution)

Back in the old days

We’re getting closer to E3 2012, with this year’s Nintendo press conference arguably one of the most anticipated in recent times as we’ll learn more about Wii U and what it can do. We shouldn’t forget 3DS, of course, as we’ll hope for release dates for anticipated titles and perhaps learn of some new surprises as well. Naturally, we at Nintendo Life are thinking about E3 a lot right now, so it seems like a good time to reminisce on some of our favourite E3 memories to date.

This week James, Christopher and Joe look back to 2004 and 2005, when Reggie was fresh-faced and DS was about to rock the world of portable gaming. Next week Thomas, Corbie and Mike will be moving on to the Wii and 3DS eras of E3 memories, but for now let’s go back to a time when Reggie was kicking ass and taking names, and Iwata was the ‘daddy’.

Continue to Nintendo Life to read our favorite E3 memories 


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