Feature: The Best Games on GameCube and Wii

Celebrating the cube and the waggle

The one and only cubeThe one and only cube

This week presents a rather unique opportunity, as we’ll be celebrating major anniversaries for two consoles. The GameCube celebrates the tenth anniversary of its North American release on November 18th, while November 19th is the fifth anniversary for the Wii in the same territory. Not only does this dual celebration entitle us to twice as much cake, but also provides a unique opportunity to look at both consoles and explore their similarities and major differences.

Later this week we’ll look back at each console individually and discuss them in a roundtable, but for now we’re taking the bold step of declaring our top 10 games for both platforms. Not necessarily directly linked to review scores but lists that, in the view of the current team, represent the best games on Wii and GameCube. A total of nine staff members nominated 98 games over the two platforms, with votes and scores then tallied together. Naturally, limiting ourselves to a top 10 when addressing entire game libraries means that many exceptional titles miss out, but we hope that you’ll agree with us on one thing: these are all awesome games.

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