Review: Mario Pinball Land (GBA)

A flipping good time?

Our beloved hero Mario has starred in a multitude of sports throughout his long career: golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, basketball, go-karts, etc. It seems there’s hardly anything the famous plumber can’t do — even going so far as winning a gold medal at the Olympics against his long-time rival, Sonic the Hedgehog. Nintendo has taken us through all sorts of alternative titles with our beloved hero throughout the years, and back in 2004, Mario took on another of our favourite pastimes: pinball. Instead of going the easy route of creating a few Mario-inspired pinball tables, Fuse Games and Nintendo used the wonderful worlds of past Super Mario games to craft another Mario Land, but this time around its played pinball-style. Sound a bit crazy? It should, but it’s crazy in that charmingly Nintendo way that only they can pull off.

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