Feature: Castlevania – The Terrifying Ten

Our favourite Dracula quests

As the dreaded night of Halloween continues to loom ever closer, we are now turning our attention to the Castlevania franchise, which recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. All of this week there’ll be features looking at the series, as we join the hunt to take Dracula down once and for all.

In previous features we’ve produced lists of games in no particular order, such as our N64 and GBA favourites: now we’re getting off the fence with our top 10 Castlevania titles. The criteria was that only Castlevania games released on Nintendo systems could be included, which includes titles that have been released on the Wii Virtual Console, while one game that served as a spoof of the series also makes the cut. Our series experts Damien McFerran, Corbie Dilliard, Marcel van Duyn and Christopher Ingram all put forward their cases: below is the final result, in descending order.

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