Round Table: The Ambassador NES Games

Why Nintendo, you are spoiling us

It’s an understatement to suggest that the 3DS has had an interesting first six months. Disappointing sales followed by a massive price drop, and now some very early departures into the realm of quirky add-on accessories. Yet, for early adopters of the system, there have been a selection of entertaining games and eye-popping 3D effects to enjoy. For those who felt this wasn’t enough and raged with injustice at the price drop in August, Nintendo offered a “rom” olive branch in the form of the Ambassador Programme. The first half of this package arrived on 1st September, with 10 NES titles on offer. The first reaction of the staff at Nintendo Life was, of course, to play them all. A lot.

After burning ourselves out on retro goodness, we decided to have a casual chat about the games, the Ambassador Programme and what should come next. Trying to control the rather “busy” gathering of seven NLife staff members in one place is features editor Thomas Whitehead. He’s joined by news editor James Newton and downloads editor Corbie Dillard, as well as reviewers and writers Jacob Crites, Marcel van Duyn, Christopher Ingram, Zach Kaplan and Ron DelVillano.

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