Review: Killzone 3 (PS3)


Send them to Hel(ghan)

Eyes peeled wide open, and like breathing, you only blink when necessary. Your heart pounds in your chest at a million miles an hour while anxiety is released with each bead of sweat that protrudes the skin around the Move controller, with its calm faint glow in the peripheral vision. The building that once was shelter has crumbled under fire and recently slain Helghast litter the ground. The calm skies are filled with massive fleets of space vessels, but battles can still be seen raging on the horizon. The smoke and dust in the immediate area starts to settle, but safety is always short-lived when the Helghast Army has you severely outnumbered. Death has just been narrowly avoided from a monstrous mech that towered hundreds of feet into the sky, along with numerous ground troops flooding in by drop ships and tanks. It seems that with every wave that is pushed back, two more come charging forward. As the attacks get stronger, the chances of surviving become smaller, but survival is a must because Earth hangs in the balance. Welcome toKillzone 3! [Review Score: 5/5]

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